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  • Dawang Industrial Park, Dongying City,   Shandong 257335, China
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   The Shandong of Hengyu Technology Group was founded in 2005, is mainly a tire production and sales, set power lithium battery development and production of wheel production, conveyor belt production, real estate development, international import and export trade as one of the diversified business of large enterprise groups. Here, I on behalf of all employees of the of Hengyu Technology Group to have been understanding, care, support the Group's development of leaders at all levels to express my most sincere gratitude to friends from all walks of life!
   Group has a professional, efficient, pragmatic, hardworking personnel worked with Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology, Qingdao University of Science and Technology and other universities jointly to form a close partnership for enterprise technology innovation, human introduction of favorable support.
   Advanced production and testing equipment, perfect management system and quality assurance system, honest, hard-working, excellent staff, for the Group in the next three to five years into the first-class level of the domestic industry provides a favorable security. This is first-class and mainly refers to the scale class, first-class brand, first-class management, first-class competitive, first-class margin, and employees get higher than the same industry revenue and development.
   Customers are our friends, is a manifestation of our corporate mission to bring value to the customer; provide the best products and services to customers, the best way for us to express sincere; pursuit of maximization of customer satisfaction, our business is eternal theme.
   The face of opportunities and challenges, Hengyu always adhere to the theme of "growth in the competition, cooperation and win-win development, vigorously develop the sunrise industry in line with the national industrial policy, to build international brands to achieve" a world-class enterprise "-active and innovative effort to develop, based on vision; take full advantage of international advanced production technology, integrating the resources of the internal strengths and actively adjust and optimize the industrial structure, in the grasp of the "people-oriented, quality-oriented, good faith efforts" to achieve "for the community create wealth and bring value to customers, staff happy life with dignity, "the mission of the struggle!
   Anterior endless Hengyu forever hand in hand. Hengyu friends and the community is willing to seek common cause to create brilliant!